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The Educational Assistance of the Liberia-Ghana Missions (L-GM) gets a bigger trunk of Alfalit International support. Our educational assistance program benefits school aged children, youths and adults  from low income families, and academic institutions of learning catering to low income communities who demonstrate need for assistance. We also offer full scholarships to exceptional students who demonstrate high academic competence and potential for future leadership. Alfalit international supports over 6,000 students each year in more than 500 grade schools and nearly every university, technical and vocational institutions throughout the country.



literacy is a right!


Our support include: Tuition Assistance, Housing Assistance, books and supplies, and (uniforms for students on a case by case basis). Beneficiaries of the adult literacy program who complete all the learning requirements get enrolled into regular day school assisted by L-GM’s Educational Assistance Program.

Under our network of schools, we support 45 schools we consider as adopted schools sponsoring/paying the tuition of 4,655 being support by Alfalit out of the total of 6,349 students being support by Alfalit International.

Alfalit Liberia literacy program for fifteen (15)  years has been sustained through partnership with several organization and individuals who believe in the cause of education as a vital empowerment tool for everyone. Some of these partnerships will be detailed in our subsequent reflections on the work and achievements of Alfalit Liberia.


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