She Sews all her Children’s Uniform

She Sews all Her Children's Uniforms

“I joined Alfalit because when I see African design clothes on people, I often admire them a lot and I always wanted to learn how to sew, but I did not have the resources to attend the paid for tailoring schools. So finding my in Alfalit is dream come through. Even this blouse I am wearing was made by me.

I can now sew my own clothes and all my children’s uniforms for school.

What has changed about me since I joined Alfalit is that my children are not being put out from school because of uniform. This used to be a challenge for me at the beginning of the school year. Alfalit has also put money in my hands. Out of the skills Alfalit has given me I now earn some money that help to take care of my children”.   

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