Sandar Becomes a Better Business Person

39 Years Old Sandra Becomes a Better Business Person

“I am an international business woman; I travel to Nigeria, Guinea and Ivory Coast for goods, but I constantly faced embarrassment because I was illiterate.


Every time I got to the immigration of those countries, I had to appeal to someone to write for me fill up my immigration form. Sometimes when I asked people at the airport to help me write, they would just pass and would not do it. I also could not even organize and document my expenses from my profits and I could not keep records.


But today I am grateful that Alfalit Liberia has changed my story. I enrolled in Alfalit through the encouragement of my sister and today I can read, write and fill my own immigration forms now when I go to buy my goods outside of Liberia.


Now being able to read and write has made me bold and all my fears have gone. Right now I can now keep my record and my business is even doing better than before.


I can’t explain how my business has improved since I joined Alfalit. Nowadays I do my own listing of the things I would purchase when I travel and separate my profit from my expenses after a period.


Indeed education is life and when a person learns how to read and write, they really do come from darkness and come to the light. That’s exactly what Alfalit has done for me.”



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