She No Longer Runs Away From Reading and Writing

She No Longer Runs Away From Reading and Writing

Few years ago 62 years ago, Cecelia Johnson would run away from anything that would require her reading and writing. The simple reason was because she was illiterate and could not spell nor write her own name. But now at the verge of graduating from the Alfalit Liberia Literacy and Basic education Program Cecelia no longer faces that embarrassment any more.

It was amazing to stand by and watched Cecelia Johnson logged her details in a guest’s log at a local radio station -Spoon FM. Cecelia had gone on the talk show to share the success story of her new reading and writing skills benefiting from the Alfalit Literacy Program.

Cecelia told the studio host how she could not get her baptism certificate from a church she was a part of several years ago, simply because she was uneducated to sign for it and as well felt uncomfortable to ask someone signed for her.  In addition to the dark days of her illiterate state, she explained how she faced series of embarrassment with people pre-judging perceiving her to be educated base on her dress code and her bold expression, but on the contrary.

She suffered many odds at the time of being illiterate before getting enrolled into the Alfalit Literacy Program in 2008 to end the sufferings she had been through. Gracefully, Cecelia is now at the verge of graduating comes December 2019 from the Alfalit Liberia Literacy Program, Cecelia is grateful to Alfalit International. After her graduation, Cecelia will have the capacity to function as a 6th grade student at the level of a regular academic student.

“I am so grateful for what Alfalit has done for me. At first I was blind but when I entered Alfalit and started learning how to read and write, I began to see. Illiteracy is really darkness.” Cecelia said sadly.

With Alfalit’s core vision of ‘eradicating the kind of human suffering that steam from illiteracy’; Cecelia is like thousands of beneficiaries of Alfalit Liberia Literacy program suffering have found relief. The embarrassing of escaping reading and writing is now part of their past.

The impact of teaching a person to read and write, Alfalit believes does not benefit just the learner as a person, but there’s a multiplying effects of other lives that are touched. As the case of Cecelia, from learning how to read and write, she has been ordained as minister of the Gospel of Christ now serving as the Pastor of the Children Ministry at her local church.  

The 62 years old now find scriptures and reads the Holy Bible for herself, and such knowledge she now passes down to children.

“I who could not read and write my own name, and because I was unable to sign for my own baptism certificate, I am glad that Alfalit has changed my story that I am today teaching Sunday school” Cecelia testified as saying.  

Her courage to stand before hundreds of people on September 9, 2019 at the Monrovia City Hall to commemorate the International Literacy Day Celebration, saw huge cheers from the crowd when she testified saying “Alfalit has taken me from Minimum to maximum.”

The Cheering further went wide when Cecelia read the upper captions of the Program Sheet with the help of no one “Ministry of Education, International Literacy Day – Monday, September 9, 2019” something she could not do 3 years ago.

Cecelia Johnson is 1 of the 4,000 beneficiaries of the Alfalit Liberia Literacy program 2019 from across 75 literacy centers in 5 of Liberia’s counties, Bong, Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bomi and Margibi Counties.    

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