Multiplying effects of Empowering a Woman

Multiplying effects of Empowering a Woman

Sometimes, many feel giving an adult education when they have missed-up on their education during their teens or youthful ages can be somewhat impossible, but this 42 years old mother of 4 has disproven this.

Once illiterate and never had the opportunity to get education when she was a girl, until she turned 39 years, Patricia Gabriel now reads, writes and manages her mobile phone without the assistance of anyone to read messages or find contacts.

Patricia is a graduate of Alfalit Liberia Literacy Program and currently an advance student in the Job skills program. Alfalit Liberia Job Skills program  gives beneficiaries of the literacy program  the opportunity to get gainful skills for economic empowerment before reaching level three into the literacy program.  

“Since I joined Alfalit in 2013, I can now input numbers into phone own phone, read text messages and send messages without someone knowing everything about me. All this is through Alfalit”.



“I now have skills, because Alfalit put me to the tailoring school so I can become a seamstress”

Multiplied Impacts:

Patricia cuts and designs her own clothes. She also sews for her family and children thereby saving the money she took to other tailors and seamstresses who charged exorbitantly in time past.

“I’m cutting to sew my daughter uniform skirt for her graduation this month. I was supposed to buy her uniform skirt which is expensive $ 1,200 ($ 6.00 USD), but now I only spent   $ 400 LD ($2.00USD) to buy the cloth and myself do the sewing”

Although she has not yet completed the sewing program circle, Patricia is confident that her skills will help reduce the economic stress of her husband attending to all the financially needs I the home.  

She narrates further as saying, at the “moment ‘she no longer pays outsiders to tutor her children after school. She now tutors them with their lessons and that the money she paid the study class teacher is not being used for something else in the home.

“I don’t pay anyone again to teach my children at home, I do it myself because I can now read and write very well and understand what I read, thank God for Alfalit in Liberia.” Patricia concludes as saying.

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