“I am No Longer Afraid of Pen ad Paper”

"I am No Longer Afraid of Pen and Paper"

“I joined the Alfalit literacy program three years ago. I’m grateful to God and Alfalit for changing my life. What really motivated me to join Alfalit is as a result of an embarrassment I faced when I visited the bank years back.  Every time went to the bank, I had to ask someone to help fill my form; until one day a girl insulted me my illiteracy. When I heard about Alfalit I decided to go to attend Alfalit.


Presently, I’m grateful that I can write now fill-up my own bank forms whenever I go to the bank. I now write my name perfectly and I no longer tremble or sweat when pen and papers are brought before me.  I write without fear.

For the tailoring program, I can sew my own skirt and wear it. I don’t pay tailors any more those huge amounts I used to pay. Also when schools are about to open I sew all my children’s uniforms.  Nowadays, if I decide to wear any style of clothes, I just sit down and sew it. Alfalit has taken me from the darkness to the light.”

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