100 Children of visually Impaired Families Assisted Educationally

100 Children of Visually Impaired Families Assisted Educationally

At the close of the academic year 2018/2019, at least 100 children of visually impaired

and physically families under the Destined Kids Assistance Program(DEKAP) received educational support from Alfalit L-GM.

The children mostly from physically challenged and blind parents successfully completed the academic year with 94 of the supported beneficiaries making successful passes to the next class according to Madam Helena Wenneh, executive director of DEKAP.

Alfalit L-GM began rendering educational support to these categories of children in Liberia in 2014, as part of the organization’s objective to providing educational opportunities to poor and vulnerable children and youths.

At the initial, Alfalit International supported 72 children, but the number was increased  100 in 2018 by the kind gesture of Alfalit International’s President Dr. Joseph Milton following plead by the organization’s Executive Director.

In Liberia, access to education for people living with disabilities or children of physically challenged families is almost far from over. About 70 % of them dropout of school even before the climax of the academic year.

These children are often aid their blind and seen taking their parents in street corners to beg for arms while their peers where in school. Reaching out to 100 of these children with educational assistance is Alfalit L-GM way of securing the future of children of visually impaired and physically challenged families in Liberia.

 “For blind people children to get education in Liberia it’s not a small thing, it is very difficult, but Alfalit international and the Liberia-Ghana Missions has been helping my daughter since 2014”

“I cannot see, I don’t find a job, so I beg in the streets to feed myself family. Sometimes the money I get cannot feed us for 2 day not to even talk about paying children school fees” 37 years’ old Stephen Kollie laments.

Today in Liberia there are hundreds of children of visually impaired parents when given the necessary education they could change the stories of their blind or physically changed families. Alfalit L-GM hopes to increase the number of these categories of children on its educational assistance and scholarship program.

For 50 years old Annie Kollie who was never born blind, but met her unexplained misfortune in 1996, said supporting one child in school from money raised from her daily street begging could not allow them to successfully complete the school year.

She says, her oldest son who now benefits from Alfalit L-GM educational assistance Program Manwoe Kollie was often put out of school for tuition obligation before Alfalit came to her rescue.

“I thank God for Alfalit Liberia for helping my son until now he has passed to the 10th grade. What Alfalit has done for us is too much because I can be thinking how I was going to manage to raise over $ 20,000 for school fees” Annie said.

The destiny kids Assistance program through which Alfalit L-GM sponsor’s children of blind and physically challenged families has been very instrumental in identifying these kinds of children and forwarding them to Alfalit L-GM for educational assistance for the past 5 years.  



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