Alfalit turned a visually impaired, Lewis Weedor story for the better

Alfalit Turned a Visually Impaired-Lewis Story Around

This year, 24 years old Lewis leaves high school despite his blindness. He wonders what would his life been without the support of Alfalit L-GM towards his education.

“From the time I started my education from the 7th grade, Alfalit L-GM has played a key role in my education”

“When I entered the 7th grade, there was no support for me; that’s how I wrote Alfalit for help and was accepted.” Lewis narrated as saying.

 The 24 years old visually impaired Liberian student is a prospective 2019 graduate of the Apostolic Foundation School at Vamoma, in Sinkor-Monrovia.

His life was full of struggles and had nowhere to turn when the former Monrovia City Mayor, Madam Mary Broh demolished their home by making him homeless coupled with his visual impairment which could not permit him raise money or engaged into any business or income generating ventures.

It was at this point the Liberia-Ghana Missions with support from Alfalit International took on the responsibility to provide shelter for Lewis by paying his rent and supporting him in school.

From 2013 to now, the young visually impaired student has known no struggle of obtaining his education, neither being put out of school for tuition. His only challenge has been sitting in a class with sighted students and insensitivity of the school infrastructure that are unique to people who are visual. 

“For a blind person like me to get education in Liberia is not easy, but through the help of Alfalit this year I will be a high school graduate.” Lewis said.

Lewis in an interview with Alfalit Media Team, said, he has a dream of pursuing his BSc degree out of Liberia. He wants to specialize in political science and advocacy to advocate for people living with physical disabilities and visually impaired persons in Liberia.

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