Emmanuel G. Voker, a Long Serving teacher in Alfalit Shares His Story

Emmanuel G. Voker, a Long Serving Alfalit Teacher Shares His story

Emmanuel G. Voker is one of the long serving teachers of the Alfalit Liberia Literacy Program since it started operation in 2006. Sharing his story of what has kept him on throughout those year teaching illiterate youths and adults to read and write, he said he has great deal of passion for the work.

“The program is very good because it has helped many Liberians who could not identify letters or even read and write, now being able to do these things. I feel fulfilled contributing to the transformation of these groups of people in my country”.

His passion and willingness to help transform his country through education, Emmanuel has built for himself relationships with his local community, the beneficiaries and their families as well become popular in this neighborhood, receiving the trust and confidence of hundreds of people.

“Alfalit program has made me so popular in my community to the point that when I felt sick and was away from school, the students, mostly women kept bordering the coordinator about my absence. When I fully recovered and went back to work (school) that day the students were all rejoicing” Emmanuel said.

 In an interview Alfalit’s media team, Emmanuel said he joined Alfalit not necessarily for financial gains, but because he wants to make a difference in the lives of his people (Liberians); something he believes has become evidence each day he sees the people he has taught to read, write, and verbally giving their testimonies of the transformations that have taken place in their lives because of Alfalit.

Looking back at some of his successes, he made reference to one of the adult learners who never known how to read and write now has a local financial saving club at a local market where she sells, being able to write and keep all her financial records on her own without the help of anyone as was done in time past.  

He said most of those he has interacted with over the years have always told him that “wanting to know the light, and that light according to them is to learn how to read and write”.

Some of his people Emmanuel has impacted directly from the classroom have openly told him that “the best society in the world is when a person has gotten an education which they fell proud of being a part of now”.

When quizzed about the secret behind his success of his 13 years being with Alfalit Liberia, Emmanuel G. Voker responded as saying “Passion’. “For one to keep doing what they are doing for long years and still doing it without complaining and loving what they do is because of passion; that is the secret that has kept me in Alfalit since 2006”

Commenting on the just ended teachers training he was a part of in Montserrado County, the long serving teacher said “when we hear about Alfalit’s’ training, we are happy to come because we know that we will surely learn new things despite being in the class for all those years”

Emmanuel G. Voker teaches at a regular day school in the Old Road Sinkor community and then uses the rest of his evening hours teaching at the Old Road Alfalit Literacy Center, a task he has promised never to give up  on, as long people are being able to read and write.


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