Messie Wilson’s Secrete of Successfully Teaching Adults

Messie Wilson's Secrete of Successfully Teaching Adults

Madam Messie Wilson, a teacher at the Alfalit adult literacy program in Lower Margibi County shares her experience teaching adults after 7 years as an Alfalit literacy facilitator.

She says “teaching adults requires lots of patience, passion and time” expressing excitement of the impacts she has made in the lives of hundreds of adults who are now being able to read and write.

In an interview recently with Alfalit Liberia’s media team, Madam Messie Wilson said “you have to understand them and be patience with them like students in the kindergarten class”.

The female teacher who joined Alfalit Liberia since 2013 puts teaching adults to one having a God fearing and one that is slow to anger or soft hearted as one of the surest ways to succeed in teaching adult learners.

According to her, some the adults make mistakes and it takes a soft and kind hearted teacher to keep on correcting them without belittling them nor being harsh.

Over last 7 years, Madam Wilson has contributed to the transformation and success stories of hundreds of adults who were once considered illiterate encountering different kinds of suffering as a result of their illiteracy; now being able to able to read and write.  

Many adults who joined the Alfalit literacy programs have got different goals, but Madam Wilson confirmed how some of the beneficiaries joined the program who only “wanted learn how to recognize letters and know how to write their own names”.

According to her, she has encountered students who  now tell their stories of now being able to tutor their children at home and no longer being humiliated when attending public functions that would require them writing their homes and reading simple direction.

“So, I always made myself available to them because I want them to learn. I always inform them about the importance of education, because when they learn today or tomorrow, it would be very easy for them to communicate with their relatives or child, they will easily be able to use their mobile phone”.

The experienced female adults teacher advances ways she has over the years successfully breakthrough teaching adults as helping them to always make them to know that learning has no end.

It has become evident how newly enrolled illiterate adults feel downhearted, humiliated and embarrassed being unable to read and write something that motivated them to find an Alfalit literacy program.

Sharing her success story further, Madam Wilson furthered “I always said that dealing with these kinds of people requires patience and that is what I have been doing with them and there are lots of testimonies” Madam Wilson testified as saying.



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