Local Literacy Center to have influx of New Adult Learners this 2019

Local Literacy Center See Influx of New Adult Learners 2019 Circle

As Alfalit Liberia prepares for the commencement of a new literacy circle, the literacy Center at the I J W Williams center is this 2019 experiencing the influx new adult learners. That’s according to the head teacher of the center, Mr. Joe Singbeh.

The I.J. Williams Alfalit Center situated along the international airport has become an attraction for dozens of illiterate adults. From the testimonies of beneficiaries during the December 2018 graduation ceremony,  the physical transformation of other Alfalit  beneficiaries residing within the neighborhood and the impacts stories in radio program have contributed to the sharp increase.  

“Men and women in Margibi are now pouring in by the day to have their names registered to form part of the literacy program this year”.  Said Mr. Singbeh

Mr. Singbeh who is assisted by Mrs. Messie Wilson believes, that given the expected increase in the number of students, this may lead to increasing the number of classes and teachers at the I. J. Williams Center in order to make the program more robust in that part of the country.

 “When I am walking on the streets these days, people would willingly come to me asking about the literacy program”.

When quizzed about his experience teaching adults Mrs. Singbeh responded as saying  “Well, it requires patience, it requires lots of methodology of getting the work done because people who have not gone to school or who have not sat in class before their way of responding to lesson is different”.

He furthered by stressing that  since the inception of the Alfalit Literacy Program, more emphasis are  on phonetic reading for beginners and adults, something he describes as a great success of the literacy program throughout Liberia.

Some of the methods used to get student glue to the lesson are what he called ‘see and do” method. This method is one of the easiest ways of getting the students started and they make the student know that learning depend on themselves indicating that they themselves need to focus and pay attention to their lesson.

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