She Rose from a Sweeper to a Filing Clerk

“I am from the Alfalit Doe Community Branch -Islamic Center -(Liberia). When I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a job, I never knew how to spell my own name. I actually wanted to be hired as a filing Clerk, but because of my low education (illiterate) they made me a sweeper. I use to sweep. But right now, when I graduated from Alfalit I got my filing Clerk job back! Right now I am making my money and I am to support my children and then support myself to put food on my table.  I have wanted to see you people to give my testimony. When I met Alfalit, I never knew how to spell or write my name. My last name was “Coine”, but because of my low education level, I added another “e” to my last name. I want to be thankful to Alfalit that today I can spell my name. Today I want to be boastful of Alfalit that I am right here working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- the first ministry of the republic of Liberia as filing Clerk.” 

Ellen Coine is 52 years old. She was 46 when she joined Alfalit Liberia literacy program in 2007. She’s a single mother of 4 children  abandoned by their father since 2003; thereby making her the only bread winner of her 4 children and 3 grandchildren. 

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