475 Adults and Youths Declared Literate

475 Adults and Youths Certified Literate

About 475 beneficiaries of Alfalit Liberia’s literacy program have being certified literate after completing all the prescribed courses of both literacy and the basic education programs.

The beneficiaries predominately women accounting for 90 percent of the total of the 3,000 students who were enrolled into the program between 2015 to 2018 in the basic education and literacy program.

98% of the graduating students were zero literate, unable to read, write or even spell their own names, but successfully completing the 3 years in the program, these students can now read, write and do simple arithmetic.

Since 2006, Alfalit Liberia has impacted over 100,000 thousand lives with the impact of the program in all 15 counties which has narrow down currently to 5 counties, with 52 literacy centers, 212 literacy facilitators (teachers) and 3, 000 beneficiaries.

The next circle of the program commences next year in 2019 hopes to enroll about 4,000 students across all Alfalit Liberia operating counties.

We celebrate the achievements of the 475 graduates including the 2,525 students who are continuing their program at various levels.

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