How Alfalit Changed My Story Around

This is the story of how Alfalit Liberia Literacy and job skills program changed the life of Samuel Kiemtoro, the only man at the Alfalit Jobs skills Center at 72nd , outside the capital Monrovia.

The Alfalit Literacy program is intended for both male and female, but in Liberia, the program is dominated by women, not necessarily that there are not men in the country, but because just very few men take the courage to fight off their illiteracy, while other say their busy schedule to support and feed their families does not permit them to school.

For Samuel, making the most of the opportunity Alfalit has provided him to leave the darkness of illiteracy to become literate is the best could do for himself and his family.

“I am Samuel Kiemtoro, I am in Alfalit and this year makes me two year. I am so glad that Alfalit has done wonderful things in my life; not just my life, but I and my family lives. Alfalit has helped me a lot, because now I am self-employed, I have employed myself and my family don’t go to beg someone for a little bread, because the skills I now have is sustaining me and my family.

Now I know how to read and write, not just to read and write, and then not just to read and write, as you can see I am putting button on the clothes I have just produced through the efforts of Alfalit. From this moment, I don’t have to carry my clothes to any tailor; I can produce it myself and I can beautify myself and beautify my family.

I am very glad to meet this opportunity; I bless God so much for Alfalit. Before I joined Alfalit, I didn’t even know how to write my name, I didn’t even know how to read from A-Z. But bless God today at least I can read from A-Z and I know some letters that I can put  together on my own, so I am so glad to meet the opportunity Alfalit has given to me.

I am about to get out (graduate) from the skills training program, by the grace of God on the 7th of December, I am so glad for that. I am encouraging everyone to use the opportunity; that always come our way, because opportunity don’t always come, It comes once and if it goes, you may not likely meet that opportunity again. So whatever opportunity comes your way, must make use of that opportunity”.