Alfalit Made me become a Seamstress

First of all, you see this clothes, I am the one who sew this clothes. Through Alfalit now I have become Seamstress and I am trying to help I and my children.

I now help my children by paying their school fees, give them lunch and also do some things for them. So I bless God for Alfalit for where Alfalit has taken me from. Now I sew and make money and from the little money I earn, I settle some little-little things on my own.

From the daily susu(savings) I use portion of it to pay for my children’s pamphlets at the school. I bless God for where Alfalit has taken me from.

Alfalit Liberia literacy program for fifteen (15)  years has been sustained through partnership with several organization and individuals who believe in the cause of education as a vital empowerment tool for everyone. Some of these partnerships will be detailed in our subsequent reflections on the work and achievements of Alfalit Liberia.


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